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Shayne Silvers
International Bestselling Author

Publisher Rocket has saved me thousands of hours of research time. Any self-published author who wants to make their dream of becoming a lucrative, full time writer simply MUST have this tool.

Don Singletary
Amazon Best Seller

I’ve been self-publishing since 2008.Publisher Rocket is like having a full-time employee to do market research for keywords, categories, book titles/sub-title, and it has cut my marketing cost with Amazon Marketing Service by over 50%. Before I was just doing trial and error, and now I can find which keywords make me money and delete the rest instead of wasting marketing dollars.

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Kevin J. Anderson
NYT Bestselling Author, Dune Series

Publisher Rocket is a great tool for creating ads and uploading books. We use every feature and especially value the keyword generators for AMS ads. The newer feature to help find a book’s categories is invaluable.

Joanna Penn
USA Today Bestselling Author

Publisher Rocket saves time and frustration when searching for keywords to use in my book’s meta data and Amazon ads, leaving me more time to write! I use it all the time. I love Publisher Rocket!

Holly Hood
Amazon Best Seller

Publisher Rocket is the best. I get so much more done using this product! My sales have grown, and it’s made my life easier on the marketing front! I think every author should invest in this product it makes a big difference! It’s so helpful and it takes away a lot of stress and allows me to keep on writing!